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Mortgage Loan Interest Rates

Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) are effective as of: 2/21/2018

Fixed Rates0 pointsAPR *2 pointsAPR *
30 Year


4.814% 4.250% 4.486%
20 Year 4.500% 4.588% 4.000% 4.324%
15 Year 4.250% 4.362% 3.750% 4.163%
10 Year 4.125% 4.287% 3.625% 4.221%
ARM Rates0 pointsAPR **
3/1 ARM 4.875%


5/1 ARM 4.500% 4.660%
7/1 ARM 4.750% 4.832%
10/1 ARM 5.000% 4.993%
FHA Rates0 pointsAPR **
30 Years, 1.000% origination fee 5.250% 6.460%
USDA Loan Rates0 pointsAPR **
30 Years 5.000% 5.556%

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The conventional APRs shown are based on a $125,000 loan with an applicable down payment, 15 days of prepaid interest, which can vary depending upon the date of the loan closing, and conventional loan document preparation fees of $650.00, which includes credit report, courier fee, tax service fee, flood certificate and quality control fee. Document prep fees for FHA and USDA loans, $700.00, include credit report, courier fee, processing/forms fee, flood certificate and quality control fee. For Construction loans, document preparation fees of $750.00 include credit report, courier fee, tax service fee, flood certificate and quality control fee. A Freddie Mac delivery fee may be applicable to your loan. Please contact one of our loan originators for further information and to determine how any delivery fees may impact your loan's annual percentage rate (APR).
**ARMs have a 5% lifetime cap. The estimated APR is based on an index, which is subject to change. The APR and the payments are subject to change on an annual basis after the initial fixed-rate term. The initial interest rate will be in effect for the fixed term of the loan and is not based on the formula set forth in the loan contract. On the first change date, the rate cannot increase or decrease more than 2% for 3/1 ARMs and 5/1 ARMs, and 5% for 7/1 ARMs and 10/1 ARMs.
***The following are First Federal's standard closing costs: Appraisal and document preparation fees, which include credit report, title work, recording fees, tax service fees, and flood certification.
Borrowers must meet underwriting guidelines. Interest rates are subject to change and may be subject to additional fees, depending on the program selected and the underwriting characteristics.

Deposit Interest Rates


Interest Rates and APYs are effective as of: 2/22/2018



If you would like to view our customer deposit rates, click here: Customer Deposit Rates




Variable Rates: The rate may change after the account is opened.

Fees could reduce the earnings on the account.

*Interest Rates And Annual Percentage Yields Disclosed Are Effective As Of This Date

**Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are based on Monthly compounding. The interest rate and APY earned are calculated on your entire ending account balance each day. If this ending balance moves into a higher or lower tier, then the applicable interest rate and APY will calculate on that entire ending balance and will not be retroactive.

***Annual Percentage Yields (APYs) are based on Quarterly compounding for Regular Savings. Certificates also compound quarterly and the APY assumes that interest remains on deposit and any withdrawals will reduce earnings. We may impose a penalty if you withdraw any of the principal before the maturity date.

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