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Financial Counseling

To find a HUD-approved counselor near you, visit or 

Please know that no lender, or party associated with or acting on behalf of the lender, may contact a counseling agency on a borrower's behalf. The borrower must contact a counseling agency directly and personally to initiate the counseling process and schedule an appointment. Note: Whenever a borrower calls to schedule an appointment, the counselor must mail, fax, or email HUD's required handouts to the borrower.

A lender may not contact a counselor or counseling agency to discuss a borrower's personal information, including the timing or scheduling of the counseling; request information regarding the topics covered in a counseling session, or check on the progress of the counseling session.

Similarly, counselors and counseling agencies may not discuss any of these topics with a lender.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are available. One of our Loan Originators can provide details.